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What is all about KINOTAKARA ?

Processed wood vinegar and natural resource extracts are made into sachets using advanced technology.

         By sticking KINOTAKARA on the soles of the feet before going to bed, you will discover the mysteries the following day. The colour of the sachets will change to greyish or brownish. The sachets will contain a lot of unpleasant fluid and emit an odour. This shows the toxins in the body is extracted out, whereby the unwanted or unhealthy lymphatic fluid from the body has been absorbed through the soles. When used continuously, the coloration changes into lighter tones. This indicates that the toxins in the body have been reduced. The soles are reflexive zones of our human organs. The soles of the feet are where acupuncture points centralised. They are recognised as the second heart of the human body. Toxins often circulate and accumulate here. Coincidentally, KINOTAKARA can absorb these toxins, resulting in you feeling fresh.

         KINOTAKARA relaxes muscles, activates body cells, enhances metabolism, upgrades immunity system, improves sleep quality and makes you feel energetic.

Reduces Swells and Relieves Pains

         KINOTAKARA has great effects to those who are suffering from Rheumatism, Gout and Arthritis, relief knee pain, waist pain, joint pain and other pains and swollen veins. It is regarded as a natural pain reliever.

Our Philosophy is Stay Healthy &  Wealthy